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Building food security and a safer world


Bringing knowledge and experience in deep tech to build smarter, more efficient farm systems.

The world depends on farm production to feed its people. In India, the majority of farms are relics of the past – producing food laden with harmful chemicals and struggling with low yields that will not ensure food for everyone in the years ahead.

​At SmartBeej, we leverage science x technology with on-ground experience to create a net zero participatory farming network.

Our networked farm clusters use our proprietary platform that combines the latest technologies in high yield food production with zero use of poisonous chemicals, and reduced dependence on scarce resources such as land and water.

Germinating Seed


We operate at the intersection of science, technology and tradition, finding best-fit solutions for the future.


We lead from the front. In partnership with Red Otter Farms – a leader in commercial soilless farming – we build and operate soilless and soil-based production systems.

We gather data, analyse patterns for replicability and are building a platform to support precision farming operations at scale.

We integrate our services with the development, training and operational expertise of Red Otter Farms to serve individuals, enterprise and government agencies.



At SmartBeej, we're revolutionising the way fresh produce is sourced and delivered. Powered by our proprietary platform in partnership with Red Otter Farms, provides certified chemical-free produce of the highest quality with traceable supply chains, directly sourced from our participatory farm network.


Our platform serves a wide range of customers, including specialty restaurants and cafes, e-commerce, modern retail, and direct to homes. We also cater to a diverse range of enterprises in the health and wellness, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries.

Our commitment to excellence results in better pricing, consistent quality, and long-lasting relationships with our customers.


Our participatory farm network leverages precision farming techniques to increase yields, conserve resources, and reduce waste.

Not only do our farms provide employment opportunities in rural areas, but they also have a positive impact on the environment. 


Our farms recycle water, sequester carbon, adopt sustainable farming practices, and use renewable energy sources to minimise our impact on the environment.  Our goal is to inspire others to follow our lead and create a brighter future for everyone.

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Experienced practitioners with deep knowledge of building systems and processes to scale.

In partnership with Red Otter Farms, we aim to revolutionise agriculture through the implementation of highly scalable technology solutions. With seven years of experience in soilless farming, Red Otter Farms is known for their data-driven, scientific approach.


By combining their expertise with our ability to bring practical experience to real-world problems, we are developing innovative solutions that will have a significant impact on the industry.


Our platform connects farmers and consumers in a more efficient and sustainable supply chain.


Key technologies include Micro K8S for Edge/IoT computing, LoraWAN for long-range farm network communication, and data intelligence tools such as Google BigQuery, TensorFlow, and Vertex AI.


These technologies enable us to gather and process data in real-time, make informed decisions, and revolutionize the agriculture industry

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SmartBeej IoT


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